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November Speakers and Events at A.T.O.M

We meet each Sunday at ST Mary’s Episcopal Church 9:30 to 10:45 a.m

2222 E Tudor Road, AnchorageAK  in the PILLSBURY ROOM

INFO? Call 227-0989

NOVEMBER 2014 Speakers and Events at A.T.O.M

We meet each Sunday at ST Mary’s Episcopal Church 9:30 to 10:45 a.m

2222 E Tudor Road, Anchorage AK  in the PILLSBURY ROOM

INFO? Call 227-0989

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS SAT Nov 1!!! Turn your clocks back and sleep for an extra hour!


Sunday NOVEMBER 2, 2014

Bud Jahn

 “Its all in your GENES”

 Bud Jahn  will present  info  about a persons activation sequence  as written in the book    “Gene keys” By Richard Rudd.

This book is an invitation to begin a new journey in your life. Regardless of outer circumstances, every single human being has something beautiful hidden inside them. The sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring that beauty forth – to ignite the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else. Whatever your dreams may be, the Gene Keys invite you into a world where anything is possible.

Bud Jahn has studied and prescribes to :

1) Living in the illuminated heart

2) Holographic anatomy

3) Alexander Tech. Teacher

              4) enrolled in living your human design

                                                Sunday, NOVEMBER  9, 2014 

                                              Following a Shamans Journey

                                             “Our Trip to the Heart of Mongolia”

                                            Anita Williams and  Russ Butler

           Will share a slide show and the details of their recent trip to Mongolia with Shaman  Galina Vladi .

An introspective from both views.

                                              Sunday, November  16, 2014

                                         Pamela Zsoter and Mariah  Thomas -Wolfe

                                          QUANTUM ENERGY HOLOGRAMS!

                      Join Pamela Zsoter, well-known Contact Reflex Analysis and Dr. Dick Versendaal-trained Holistic Health Practitioner and Mariah Thomas-Wolf, Integrative Medicine Quantum Healer, Reiki Master, and Certified  Aromatherapist.  These ladies are excited to share with you the infinitely wonderful world of QUANTUM ENERGY HOLOGRAMS technology and soon QUANTUM ENERGY TEXT MESSAGES to cellular phones! Everything is energy, every energy has a unique signature resonate frequency. Holograms are like flash drives transmitting frequency data to our data “auric / etheric” fields.

They will demonstrate how to turn your car or truck into an air purifier dramatically reducing pollutants while increasing gas mileage.  Pam and Mariah will help you put a FREE EMF / radiation reducer on your cellphone.  We have over 16,000 health code frequencies available to help heal you.

Don’t miss this exciting ATOMCenter discussion Sunday, November 16th from 9:30-10:45 AM at the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Pillsbury Room 2222 E. Tudor Road, Anchorage.

Pamela Zsoter (907) 399-4101 https://www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/brightstarak

Mariah Thomas-Wolf (907) 299-2449 https://www.modernhealthcoach.com/affiliates/sricandra

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ulla Rasilainen


Presents work from her studies with Dolores Cannon

Ulla has just returned from Arkansas after studying with  Dolores Cannon

On Quantum healing past life regression and will give a presentation of the subject.

Sunday, NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Music and the Soul-with Shirley Mae Springer Staten

In Shirley’s words: Music brings joy, hope, love and it gives meaning to my life

It can do the same for you!

Bio: Shirley Mae Springer Staten, international keynoter, singer and workshop facilitator, moves people forward beyond their limiting ideas. A born storyteller and dynamic accapella vocalist, she brings an unrivaled blend of vision, passion and sheer virtuosity to her work.

From the age of five, Shirley Mae picked cotton in the fields of Georgia. Her transformation came with many challenges. A daydreamer and dyslexic, she graduated from high school not knowing how to read. By the early 1990s she had managed to work her way through college and earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Shirley Mae, like no one else, can weave words and music to empower her audience. She is a multitalented performing artist who motivates people to recognize and break through their self-imposed limitations. She can hold a group spellbound with stories of her struggles against the obstacles of the world. Her message empowers us to find ways to be more loving in our lives.

LAST SUNDAY of EACH MONTH IS ALSO OUR SPIRITUAL BOOK EXCHANGE AND POTLUCK!  Bring food to share and any spiritual books and/or periodicals you are done with.  Give a book/take a book ( or several!!!)



Sunday November 9, 2014 3:30 -5:30  University of Alaska Recital Hall Room 150

TICKETS at the Door  15.00  CD release- “ Perfect Love”  along with Short stories by Mary Shallert  CALL SHIRLEY MAE FOR INFO!!! 317-3417

        FOOD DRIVE FOR THANKSGIVING-bring your can goods each Sunday and

We will deliver to the food bank at the end of the month…


Thursday, November  20, 2014

HOST:  Ed Harrigan   RSVP:    231-9136

 EMAIL:   soulsgame@gmail.com

ADDRESS:     call for address and directions

TIME:             7-9 p.m.  Please be timely.

MOVIE:          “Ancient Aliens DVD series”

BRING:          Appetizers or Drink

Call Marie at 748-2609 or contact Ed




ATOM INFORMATION:   our Sunday gatherings consist of a variety of meditations and interesting topics and Speakers of All types focused on aspects of mind, body and spirit.  We welcome various topics with a spiritual nature and educational aspect.  Each Sunday may be a bit different so please be open to the many blessings of spirit and how it is revealed each week. Open to all and feel free to bring a Friend!


Atom Center is making available to those interested transcripts of some Universal Readings

Done by Michael Francis in the 80’s. Each reading has been transcribed in full and is of a particular subject matter. We will offer one reading per month. www.VISIT ATOMCENTERAK.Org and  click on  archives ( readings)


  For Speaker opportunities call Dawn at  (907)227-0989 or email info@atomcenterak.org