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March 2015 Speakers and Events at A.T.O.M

We  currently meet each Sunday in the Pillsbury room   9:30 to 10:45 am

2222 E Tudor Road, Anchorage AK  ( this room is located in St Mary’s however we are not affiliated with St Mary’s nor they with us-we just utilize their rooms for rent to organizations)

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March 1, 2015


Introduction to the Akashic Records

presented by Gwendolyn Hill,

 Advanced Certified Teacher with the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies

For this ATOM talk, we will:

  • Experience a Light Meditation inspired by the Akashic Records,
  • Learn what the Akashic Records are and what information can be received from them;
  • Explore the history of the Akashic Records and humanity’s access to them;
  • Experience the energy of the Akasha by opening your own Records.

About Gwendolyn:

Gwendolyn has been a personal-growth facilitator, spiritual coach, energy healer,  and sound healer for the past 30 years.  She trained with Sondra Ray as a rebirther, Dr. Don McFarland as a Body Harmony practitioner, Tom Kenyon as a certified sound healer, Kelly Hampton as a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy practitioner, and most recently with Linda Howe as an Advanced Akashic Records practitioner and an Advanced Certified Teacher for the Akashic Studies Center.  She was a Rebirther and co-founder of the Relationships and Rebirthing Center with Phyllis Kaufman in Anchorage in 1987.  For more information on her background and services, go to http://gwendolynhill.com.


          Sunday March 8, 2015


Here I Am Right Now”

with Obsidian Koy Haven

Being present in the moment through the body’s consciousness using Alexander Technique.

Obsidian Koy Haven is an Alexander Technique practitioner and teacher.  As a comedian and musician, the study of Presence and Joy through her fields of expertise have produced interesting and tangible trajectory shifts.  Join her this morning, and be curious how YOUR presence will affect the day’s outcome!

Private lessons and

workshops available to apply this technique to YOUR field of expertise or curiosity.





Sunday  March 15, 2015

Decreasing Stress Reactions through Increased Responsiveness: How to Live Comfortably – One Moment at a Time.

Elizabeth Wallmann-Filley

Conscious Living Coach

907 350-2165/ 275-3397

 Elizabeth Wallmann-Filley is an educator and healing practitioner, with more than 30 years experience in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Body Work, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology.  She has a private practice and is an active member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (www.noetic.org), the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (www.iarp.org), the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (www.energypsych.org), and the National Association of Social Workers (http://socialworkers.org/).   Elizabeth ’s eclectic background includes Regression and hypnotherapy, Massage and bodywork, Reiki, and Philosophy.  Elizabeth has produced several comprehensive CD’s for self healing, and is currently the host and producer of the TV show “Conscious Living”, which airs Tuesday & Saturday (9:00PM) through GCI local broadcasting. She believes: “The greatest individual challenge is awakening the aspirations of the soul.” EWF

March 22, 2015

Galina Vladi”

From the teachings of Gurdjieff – The Role of sexual energy in spiritual development.”

Galina Vladi is a shaman, healer, Qi-Gong Master, storyteller and Master Acupuncturist. She is originally from Siberia and received her shamanic initiation in Mongolia. From 2010 through 2013, Galina traveled extensively worldwide with her shamanic work, providing healing for people and the land, sharing her wisdom and telling her stories.  Her work is known in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Mongolia, Siberia, and throughout Europe.

Galina can be reached at: 415-871-0363 or galina.vladi@gmail.com

Sunday March 29, 2015

Title is “Akashic Living”

With Joshuah Shumelda

.    In Joshuah’s words:      There is some type of cosmic energy that is omnipresent and intelligent. A force that animates and creates, it holds the collective knowledge of all past present and future events. The ancients called this hall of records the Akashic. We all have the ability to tap into this force.               Akashic Living is a style of life that appreciates and harnesses our connection to this energy and each other. In an attempt to move towards a greater sophistication of simplicity, Akashic Living connects multiple wellness lifestyle principles like Ayurveda, the first science of medicine from India and our current model of vibration medicine.              Join Holistic Practitioner and Wellness educator Joshuah Shumelda as he demystifies energetic medicine and the system of life building called Akashic Living!

Thanks for being you!



LAST SUNDAY of EACH MONTH IS ALSO OUR SPIRITUAL BOOK EXCHANGE AND POTLUCK!  Bring food to share and any spiritual books and/or periodicals you are done with.  Give a book/take a book ( or several!!!)


LAST SUNDAY of EACH MONTH IS ALSO OUR SPIRITUAL BOOK EXCHANGE AND POTLUCK!  Bring food to share and any spiritual books and/or periodicals you are done with.  Give a book/take a book ( or several!!!)




NEEDS TO REGROUP FOR 2015 and Re define its plan

Call Marie 748-2609


LAST SUNDAY of EACH MONTH IS ALSO OUR SPIRITUAL BOOK EXCHANGE AND POTLUCK!  Bring food to share and any spiritual books and/or periodicals you are done with.  Give a book/take a book ( or several!!!)                                                 




ATOM INFORMATION:   our Sunday gatherings consist of a variety of meditations and interesting topics and Speakers of All types focused on aspects of mind, body and spirit.  We welcome various topics with a spiritual nature and educational aspect.  Each Sunday may be a bit different so please be open to the many blessings of spirit and how it is revealed each week. Open to all and feel free to bring a Friend!


Atom Center is making available to those interested transcripts of some Universal Readings

Done by Michael Francis in the 80’s. Each reading has been transcribed in full and is of a particular subject matter. We will offer one reading per month. www.VISIT ATOMCENTERAK.Org and  click on  archives ( readings)


  For Speaker opportunities call Dawn at  (907)227-0989 or email info@atomcenterak.org