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A.T.O. M.  (Ancient Teachings of Masters)    A Spiritual Resource Group since 1970’s!   We  currently  meet every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:45 At Centre on C, 6000 C street, at the Corner of Dowling and C Street!   enter from the light at 64th also and come around back. ! For Info call 227-0989   or email at dkelly907@Yahoo.com  or info@atomcenterak.org  WEBSITE FOR ATOM:  www.atomcenterak.org

ATOM Center January 2017

JANUARY 1, 2017

01/01/2017 =1    how to use the power of one to manifest

Atom Center coordinator, Dawn Kelly presents the power of 1

.  January 1, 2017 reduces down to a 1 in numerology.

This lauches us off on a who new beginning.  Its our unique opportunity to renew ourself

In Mind, Body and spirit . The opportunity to wipe our slate clean,   The talk will be about the cyle of completion and renewal, using principles to manifest new beginnings and   incorporating the teachings of the 4 directions and also ask questions that empower you for new beginnings in your life.

Dawn Kelly, has been a student of metaphysical studies her whole life. Studying many of the spiritual practices of many religions and belief systems, she has found that humans are really all on the same path,  they just have many different paths to travel.   She is a certified hypnotist, has been involved with ATOM Center for 15 years, has traveled the world with teachers to many of the earths power places always seeking a greater understanding of really what we are here for.

Sunday January 8:

Todd Lance, Astrologer


The astrology of the United states of America and

The  cycle  it is moving into

Todd lance, Todd Lance is a kindred spirit whom has been involved at the ATOM Center off and on for about 15 years.  He has been toning bowls since the 1997 Spiritual Gathering of the Tribes where he heard one for the first time.  He has practiced Astrology for most of his adult life and is a student of Magi Astrology, a system rooted in Sacred Geometry.

Sunday January 15,

Steve Plante


This talk will give a brief overview of the way the Endocrine Glands work together,  and how we may heal them to activate them. This is a huge subject so after the overview, I will single out the ones that are seriously under attack, the Pineal and the Thyroid.



Steven Plante has been retailing health foods in Anchorage since 1987. He is 100% uncredentialed and has learned everything he knows and teaches from his customers and friends,  industry journals, health food shows, the internet, doctor friends, books, magazines, newsletters, personal experience,  and his own inner intuitive self.
Back in the 70’s artistic expression through stained glass caused lead poisoning. Mainstream medicine offered little. After two years of macrobiotic eating under the tutelage of a naturopath, the blood lead level was lower than the national average. That was an inspiration to help others learn to use food as a weapon against disease. The learning never ends.
His specialty is to help health seekers to create a nutritional program that works for their level of constitution, commitment and current health challenges. He continues that work/play today at Organic Oasis.

Sunday January 22

White Eagle Medicine Woman

SOUL CODES OF THE NEW EARTH: 7 Signs to Guide You On Your Soul Path in 2017.

Your soul is always giving you loud and clear daily signs of your path and purpose. Learn this language of the soul and move forward

on your path in grace, confidence, gratitude and joy

White Eagle is the founding director and Drum keeper of the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project and the 501c3 non-profit Whirling Rainbow Foundation. She is internationally known as a shamanic healer, seer, trance-medium, author, speaker, teacher, ceremonial and performance artist. She has traveled over a million miles touching a million people in 20 countries promoting unity, peace, tribal reconciliation, and earth sustainability. As a singer, chantress and world musician, White Eagle’s voice has a primal and mesmerizing quality, penetrating to the very heart and soul of our indigenous connection with each other and the earth. Her CDs include “Journey of the Heart”, “Songlines of the Soul”“Living Waters of Grace” and the newly released double CD, “Holy Ground”.  She is a master drum maker having made more than 5000 hand drums around the world.


Sunday January 29

Mark Lurtsema


ATOM Center supports  January Full moon Potluck and Meditation 2017

Thursday January 12, 2017


Centre on C  6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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Ongoing at Centre on C:

Wednesday Evening Meditation  7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m with Mark Lurtsema

Yoga Classes Wednesdays and Friday mornings at 9:30 A.M. TO 10:45 AM

Nia Dance  Wednesday evenings 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. with Sherry Coburn

Spiritual Development classes : Tues evenings with Kay Hoover 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. til february 2017

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 Discussion Group with Jimmy Satva

2nd and 4th Sunday of each month

our bi monthly discussion forum will be on the 2nd and last Sunday of each month. Join us after the regular ATOM sessions at about 11 am to  12+ depending on the dynamics.

So far we have had some great talks and experiences including:

— AI-Artificial Intelligence and it’s potential effect on humanity and spiritual growth  — What happens when you die? — Experience sharing, Energetics, Frequency.


For 2017 we will set up a list of topics and ideas to study and discuss.  Each month the OFF TOPIC group will outline the latest news from the Alternative Media,  Latest releases of books etc.,  recent interviews, findings relating to ideas like:  Sacred Geometry, Planetary energetics, Healing work, organic vs synthetic universe, ET’s,  alien agenda, secret space program,  mk ultra,  archons, transhumanist agenda, chem trails, geoTerraforming of the planet, the dimensional ecology of the omniverse,  shifting energy and shuman resonance, time travel, portals, whistle blower stories and more,

The forum can continue on FaceBook or email list for sharing and updates.  If you are interested please email jimmysatva@gmail.com

Each person, should be prepared to take an active role in research, listening to interviews, finding new evidence and ideas leading to the TRUTH.

This group is intended to stretch your thinking in a safe and open sharing forum

Join us, it is always fun, interesting and mind bending ; -)

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ATOM INFORMATION:   our Sunday gatherings consist of a variety of meditations and interesting topics and Speakers of All types focused on aspects of mind, body and spirit.  We welcome various topics with a spiritual nature and educational aspect.  Each Sunday may be a bit different so please be open to the many blessings of spirit and how it is revealed each week. Open to all and feel free to bring a Friend!


Atom Center is making available to those interested transcripts of some Universal Readings

Done by Michael Francis in the 80’s. Each reading has been transcribed in full and is of a particular subject matter. We will offer one reading per month. www.VISIT ATOMCENTERAK.Org and  click on  archives ( readings)


  For Speaker opportunities call Dawn at  (907)227-0989 or email info@atomcenterak.org