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A.T.O. M.  (Ancient Teachings of Masters)    A Spiritual Resource Group since 1970’s!   We  currently  meet every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:45 At Centre on C, 6000 C street, at the Corner of Dowling and C Street!   enter from the light at 64th also and come around back. ! For Info call 227-0989   or email at dkelly907@Yahoo.com  or info@atomcenterak.org  WEBSITE FOR ATOM:  www.atomcenterak.org

                                                                           ATOM Center August 2016


Sunday August 7, 2016

Josette Auguiste ,

A Shamanic View of Purpose and Connection

Bio: Josette grew up in the Dominica republic and has family roots from Guinea Bissau-a small coast province in Africa. She comes from a linage of village shamans for generations and the gift and teachings were passed on to her as a young girl. She shares her gift of generating healing energy as taught by her family linage. She believes she has had many life times as a healer.  


Sunday, Aug 14, 2016


Marcel Bolzern: “Spirituality & Technology: hand in hand, an overview of mixing the old with the new 

The 2012 shift you may not see happening, is well under way. Technology and Spirituality have both always existed, sometimes together and sometimes separately, both changing over time. This talk will share much to be hopeful about. Technology is actually fulfilling many of the more positive teachings and prophecies of the Ancient Masters. Threads from all beliefs are coming together. 


Marcel Bolzern is well known worldwide as a technologist. But rather than spell that out here, just Google him. Less well known is that Marcel is also experienced with a wide variety of spiritual paths and beliefs. He, like possibly some of you, felt betrayed by his early training. Each path seemed like the right one at first, but soon he would be shown behind the curtain. From living as part of a cult his mother took him into as a child, to serving as a missionary, to mainstream Christian ministry (doing his own translation of the Bible from the original languages), he always had  questions no one could answer. 

He continued his quest by exploring eastern beliefs including Judaism, Hindu, Sufi, and Buddhism. In addition, Marcel has thoroughly explored concepts such as Eckhart Tolle’s work, the Course in Miracles, Numerology, and Astrology.  Additionally, he studied Psychology, non-violent communication, NLP,  Biology, Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Marcel has also been trained as a Reiki Level 3 Master, completed Level 4 teacher certification, learned various Massage Techniques. After much practice, Marcel has developed his own belief system along with a combination version of Reiki and Tantric Massage/Energy healing, but is uninterested in practicing professionally. He does however enjoy mentoring open inquisitive minds, as he wishes someone had mentored him.



Please note a separate workshop offered in the afternoon: August 14, 2016 1 to 3 p.m, 

Title: Convergence of Technology and Spirituality, with Practical Advice 

Going Deeper, expanding upon and providing practical advice:

Ongoing subjects may include BitCoin, BlockChain, Either, Linux, Facebook, Computers, the Internet, and Robotics along with how they actually are fulfilling modern and ancient teachings. 

Starting at 1pm, a 2 hour technology overview session possibly including explanatory movies and questions with discussion with more sessions to follow if enough people are interested in continuing. 

Technically challenged welcome. Suggested donation ($25). 


Sunday Aug 21 Kabira Lyon

Light puncture and the Transmitter Relays


The application of light and color in different parts of the body act as doors to the light,  and it can penetrate and heal wounds, traumas and shocks that have happened in earlier stages of development.


There is a specific higher treatment of light, devised by the German visionary Peter Mandel, worldwide known, called the Transmitter Relays that can address and resolve issues deeply buried in the unconscious, so that the individual can release the energy that is trapped in trauma and have a better and more fulfilled life.



Kabira Lyon originally from Chile, has led  seminars and groups for 35 years world wide and has studied and traveled in India for many years.


Blanca Kabira Lyon

cel. 907-6022051



Blessing Water Ceremony – At the end of our Sunday gathering. 

 Speaker Ozodi “Zod” Osuji, PhD (UCLA)

The Three Levels of Being

Bio In Zod’s words:
> l acquainted myself with Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and
> new age religions. I have done some college teaching (including
> University of Alaska) and worked as a psychotherapist for over twenty
> years. I have PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. I
> write on mental health and spiritual issues. The search for
> convergence of secular science and spirituality is my preoccupation.

Buddhists or Christians or Muslims but simply accept what makes
spiritual sense to us.  This is what I have been doing. I publish my
writings on several websites and my own website:
      I write books and articles. One can buy some of my books from
Amazon.com and other booksellers.

> Living from the real-self institute
4325 Laurel Street, Suite 101 A
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
(907) 310-8176



Events at Centre on C

August 15   An evening with Kay Ashdown Hoover – August 15, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

A” John Edwards style” evening of mediumship, Guidance and Healing

Come Along and receive messages form Spirit and loved ones, and a chance to go home with peace, comfort guidance and healing. 25.00

6:30 to 8:30 Centre on C   Kay can be reached at

907-360-4774 or arw.kay@gmail.com


Full Moon Meditation And Potluck Dinner
August 18, 2016 6:30 p.m. Centre on C
Everyone is invited to join us for a full moon meditation and
potluck dinner on Thursday, August 18 from 6:30 p.m.
through midnight. You may feel free to leave at any time or
stay for the entire event!
We will begin at 6:30 with the potluck dinner followed by
meditation for an hour, have a break and another meditation
for a total of 3 meditations. The energy of the moon when it
is full is amazing and the extra energy from the group really
enhances the meditation!
Please plan to join us, bring some food to share (if this is an
issue, please don’t worry, just bring yourself!) and an open
mind!  Brought to you by PSSM and Centre on C

! Call Joan at 782-6782 for info


 ALSO: Centre on C hosts the following:

Wednesday and Friday morning Yoga -Joan Mattson

Akashic record readings, Hypnosis by appointment,

Reiki and Body Work by Appointment

 Wednesday evening Meditation – 7 to 8;30 -9 p.m.

Nia Dance on Wednesday eves  5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Reiki, Massage and Body Work by Appointment-see Www.centreonc.com website


kryon flyer  




Off Topic  Discussion Group with Jimmy Satva

2nd and 4th Sunday of each month

Off Topic our bi monthly discussion forum will be on the 2nd and last Sunday of each month. Join us after the regular ATOM sessions at about 11 am to  12+ depending on the dynamics.

So far we have had some great talks and experiences including:

— AI-Artificial Intelligence and it’s potential effect on humanity and spiritual growth  — What happens when you die? — Experience sharing, Energetics, Frequency.


For 2016 we will set up a list of topics and ideas to study and discuss.  Each month the OFF TOPIC group will outline the latest news from the Alternative Media,  Latest releases of books etc.,  recent interviews, findings relating to ideas like:  Sacred Geometry, Planetary energetics, Healing work, organic vs synthetic universe, ET’s,  alien agenda, secret space program,  mk ultra,  archons, transhumanist agenda, chem trails, geoTerraforming of the planet, the dimensional ecology of the omniverse,  shifting energy and shuman resonance, time travel, portals, whistle blower stories and more,

The forum can continue on FaceBook or email list for sharing and updates.  If you are interested please email jimmysatva@gmail.com

Each person, should be prepared to take an active role in research, listening to interviews, finding new evidence and ideas leading to the TRUTH.

This group is intended to stretch your thinking in a safe and open sharing forum

Join us, it is always fun, interesting and mind bending ; -)

Events   at Centre on C for AUGUST 2016

Wednesday and Friday morning Yoga  -Joan Mattson

Akashic record readings, Hypnosis by appointment,

Reiki and Body Work by Appointment

NIA Dance on Wednesdays 5:30 to 6:30



 7 p.m. With Mark Enish-ra at Centre on C  Love offering 382-6862 for Info

All are welcome!






ATOM INFORMATION:   our Sunday gatherings consist of a variety of meditations and interesting topics and Speakers of All types focused on aspects of mind, body and spirit.  We welcome various topics with a spiritual nature and educational aspect.  Each Sunday may be a bit different so please be open to the many blessings of spirit and how it is revealed each week. Open to all and feel free to bring a Friend!


Atom Center is making available to those interested transcripts of some Universal Readings

Done by Michael Francis in the 80’s. Each reading has been transcribed in full and is of a particular subject matter. We will offer one reading per month. www.VISIT ATOMCENTERAK.Org and  click on  archives ( readings)


  For Speaker opportunities call Dawn at  (907)227-0989 or email info@atomcenterak.org