White eagle

Spiritual Sensuality:

The Divine Feminine & Unearthing Your True Purpose 

“What is my true soul path and purpose? What did I come to earth to learn, to give and to serve? Maybe you have forgotten how to listen to your souls deeper yearnings and messages and now it seems more urgent than ever to get grounded in your true authenticity.

Ongpor PraDharma

Ongpor is an Ordained Spiritual Guide in the Palangjit Dharma Jakrawarn Foundation (PDJ) tradition.

He introduced the ATOM Community to the Pure Power Meditation and led us through a session.

He also shared the journey that bought him during the Pandemic to Alaska and shared the story of how his Grand Master’s downlown in the middle of winter created the Sub-Zero meditation that literally saved their lives.

Sherry Coburn

Sherry told her journey to NIA Dance and led our group in some movements.

Her passion for this integration of dance, martial arts, and therapeutic movement was visible for all to see.

Sherry hosts NIA Dance Classes at the Centre on C Wednesday Evenings prior to our Source Awareness Meditation, and Saturday mornings.

Nancy Shipley Rubin

Leading from the Heart

Get out of your head and into your heart. Tap into the innate internal wisdom that is flowing through you to offer guidance at every phase of life.

Nancy Shipley Rubin is an Internationally recognized healer, empath, teacher Spiritual leader. Based in Hawaii, she travels extensively teaching courses and workshops worldwide.

Nikki Lindsley

Nikky Lindsley is a LMT, Yoga Practitioner, Sound and Energy Healer. In this presentation she shares parts of her personal journey including a shift she made in awareness from seeking only “positive and happy” feelings and emotions to simply noticing what showed up.

She describes the shift this subtle change made in her perception and her ability to stay present. She also shared some of the poetry that has simultaneous been inspired from Heart and has been of assistance in processing her experiences.

Yaari Toolie-Walker

Yaari Walker Yupik Native Healer.

Yaari presented lessons from the Yupik Culture, shared her personal journey in the realization of her healing gifts, discussed her deep Connection to God and recognized and worked with one member to our community to help her realize her own gifts.

Bobby Cobb

Bobby gives an overview of our life viewed through a perceived reality. He discusses the nature of suffering and how we can transcend the illusion that is at the source of suffering.

He introduces shift in perspective. We have all heard the phrase “We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience”, and leads the group through some exercise to consider that as a prescription for life rather than a pithy phrase.

Joshuah “Shu” Shumelda

Shu is a LMT and Life Style Architect.

He briefly introduced us to integrating Ayurveda into our lives. How to live more in balance with the flow of innate intelligent that if available to us on an infinite basis.

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